The maturity of the customer/supplier relationship




Development of a sourcing strategy, alignment of the organization  and the competences od the IT Department on this strategy.

Accompaniment of outsourcing projects, from the opportunity study and the identification of affected services and applications , up to the implementation of chosen solutions. Continuous improvement of relationships between clients and suppliers.


· Presentation of the model e-SCM

· Positioning of the enterprise in comparison with the framework, taking into account the context

· Support in the definition of an implementation strategy of the most « useful » practices

· Accompaniment of sourcing: audit, assessment, recommendations, identification of the opportunities, identification of the suppliers, RFP, accompaniment of the projects.

The framework: e-SCM


· The issue ?
To help toward the  MATURATION of the relationship between a customer of IT based services
and its supplier (outsourcer)


· How ?
By providing best practices enabling:

- Suppliers : to develop their capabilities in designing, delivering and managing quality services; to demonstrate their differentiation

- Customers :  to assess their suppliers ; to develop their capabilities in acquiring and managing outsourced services.


· These best practices:

- Complete ITIL
(supplier management)

- Lean on ITIL.

e-SCCM describes capabilities classified on 3 axes :

· 10 « Capability Areas » :
processes domains

· 4 steps of the lifecycle

· 3 maturity levels


Consulting, Audit, ITSM Project Management

Transition Management


 - Organization of IT-IS Department

- Implementation of e-sourcing practices

- Accompaniment of e-sourcing  projects