Organization, Processes and tools


Understanding your current technical, human, financial, organizational situation. Comparing your current results to your peers and competitors.

Diagnosing the current situation, the strengths the weaknesses, the axes of improvement. Understanding the strategy, and the culture. Analyzing the organization and the competences, as well as the norms, tools and standards and the infrastructure. Analyzing the obtained results in terms of service levels.

Identifying the axes of improvement and the expected benefits..

Ensuring the implementation of processes, tools and the  organization as well.









A sis steps approach, adapted to your context:






















Diagnosis of the processes and the IT organization

Definition of axes of improvement

Description of the target situation

Establishment of the transformation project plan



Process design

Choice of the ITSM software

Management of the integration of the ITSM software

Process deployment

Process management

Building of a Services  Management System based on the framework ISO 20000 and completed y the frameworks ISO 27000, e-SCM and CobiT


Assembling the best practices to build the  Service Management   System

Consulting, Audit, ITSM Project Management

Transition Management