What is transition management within an IT Department?

In the present economic context, the Transition  Management within the IT Departments is developing in some countries.

The objective is to entrust the monitoring of the IT Department or strategic projects of the enterprise to an experienced  manager for a temporary period (generally 6, 12, 18 months) within the framework of a precise assignment.

The transition management assignments for IT projects appear in various domains:

                 Project management
                 Studies, diagnoses
                 Urbanization of information systems
                 Outsourcing of services and applications

Why calling for transition management ?

When facing a touchy situation, (merge/acquisition, restructuration, transformation…) or to ensure the success of a strategic project , the enterprises and the organizations have the opportunity of calling for  transition management .

Implementation of a new organization, restructuration, merge, acquisition, cession of activities or enterprise, or, more simply , replacement of a manager or  undertaking of a touchy project ,...
All these situations may require resorting to transition management .

3 good reasons for calling for a transition manager :

1. An expertise immediately available and operational.

2. An external and independent contributor bringing experiences acquired in similar situations.

3. A clear professional commitment on a defined  scope of responsibilities.

An independent expertise immediately operational


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Transition Management

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Transition Management