The major theme of  the Framework CobiT is business orientation.
The Framework CobiT aims  simply to provide to your organization the necessary information to reach its objectives, and to define the associated IT resources. The Framework is made up of 34 processes.



ISO 20000





To fulfill the growing evolution and to meet more and more strong requirements  of their clients, the IT  departments have to deploy more and more efficient and complex information  systems.

The major issue of all IT/IS  Directors is becoming to offer the best quality of service while optimizing the profitability and controlling the associated risks.
The norm ISO 20000 for Service Management is designed for that.

(Service Management) a été élaborée en partenariat 

The  version 3 of the Framework ITIL  enhance, widen and  complete the version 2,  The V3 approach is based on the service lifecycle, from service strategy to service operation and continuous improvement.
The organizations identify more and more often he alignment between IT services and  business as a lever for the customers’ satisfaction, and that  match with the service approach of ITIL V3.

e-Sourcing Capability Model for Service Providers

A "best practices" model for the IT services providers which  can be used as a improvement roadmap and as a certification standard certification.
A three dimensions model defining the service provider capability.

PRINCE (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is a project management Framework based on a process approach. PRINCE2 focuses on business justifications .

The Framework is designed to fit into the context of the  enterprise, to the nature, the size and the context of the  projects.

The enterprises are led to operate transformations to maintain their competitiveness. Programme management is a key tool to operate these transformations. MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) is a proven Framework of best practices of  transformation management, both in public and private domains.


e-Sourcing Capability Model for Client Organizations

A complementary  "best practices" model for the organizations clients of IT services looking for improving their outsourcing capabilities and  relationships. A three dimensions model defining the capability of a client organization in project type activities and recurrent activities.

Consulting, Audit, ITSM Project Management

Transition Management